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Pollution Prevention in practice Training Video

For operatives, contractors and temporary staff working in organisations that could cause pollution to waterways or groundwater. This video is an essential introduction to the value of our water environment and the risks that can be conveyed via the drainage system.

It highlights the importance of good practice in handling, storage and the security of materials.

Use this video in training, induction sessions and toolbox talks. The video explains in simple terms the function and protection of different drainage systems, soakaways, separators, drip trays, bunding and spill kits - with practical examples of good and bad practice, combining live action footage with animated 3D graphics to provide a vivid learning experience.

Drains Risks Storage Handling Bunding Lock, Stop & No Leaking Barrels

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Duty of Care PowerPoint Click for more info Click to see all products  in our shop window

Green Training Works provides a unique range of off-the-shelf, video based, environmental training materials.

We are also the main distributor of

Shot in the Dark training programmes.

Do What It Says On The Bin is a short training video designed to help your workforce understand the need for correct waste segregation by illustrating the problems that can be caused during reprocessing.

Segregating waste is really only the beginning of the recovery cycle but if we can't get this bit right, the whole system falls down.

Do What it Says on the Bin  DVD

 This video explains:
• The need to identify and segregate waste types and grades
• Why contamination should be prevented
• How good practice and correct storage can    influence material value

Do what it says on the bin - waste segregation training video for all the workforce

Do What It Says On The Bin

Intranet Licences

Contact us for rates of intranet licences and multi-site packs.

The Duty of Care has changed significantly over the last few years and it’s essential that staff fully understand  the obligations and the risks.

Now in Version 4

A Way With Waste Describes  the main requirements of the Duty of Care, and the responsibilities of waste producers. Using location footage, graphics and cartoon characters, it illustrates the roles of the key figures in the waste chain from waste producer to waste manager.

The waste hierarchy Waste Description Waste Transfer Notes edoc system The waste chain

Recent updates and changes featured in this PowerPoint include:

Introduction to the new Codes of Practice

Introduction of the electronic duty of care system

Using the waste classification guidance


Waste your Duty of Care

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Duty of Care Training Presentation

Over 50 slides to choose from

Version 3

“The economy of an off-the-shelf package with the benefit of a bespoke production”

Sample Waste Transfer Notes

Codes of Practice

Duty of Care PowerPoint Click for more info

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A Way With Waste DVD A Way With Waste DVD